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Six Truths About Marketing Automation (and How to Face Them)

The appeal of marketing automation is hard to resist, yet the reality of getting from point A to point B isn't easy. This Webinar reviews six "truths" about marketing automation and how to address them head-on.

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BtoB marketing professionals answer the question, "Do you use a marketing automation platform to drive e-mail communications and assess online behavior of prospects and clients?"

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Client Recognition

Nortel a Groundbreaker in Unified Communications

Unified Communications magazine recently honored Nortel with a 2009 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award for its groundbreaking advancements in UC technologies in the past year. Read more.


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Marketing Watchdog Journal

May 2010, Issue 75

Click on the image above to read our featured article about the truths of successful marketing automation.
The rewards of marketing automation are earned by effort and planning.

Build a strong process and your people and technology investments can fall into place. Read more "truths" about marketing automation, and take the Executive Benchmark Assessment to see how you measure up. Also in this issue:

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Manticore Technology
Featured Article

The First Truth About Marketing Automation? The Process Isn't Sexy.
If you're thinking about implementing marketing automation and want to deliver rock-solid ROI, your road to success might begin with a reality check. This briefing document excerpt offers two pieces of "tough love" about marketing automation. Exclusive for Marketing Watchdog Journal readers: Download the complete briefing document.
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Excerpt from a Bulldog Solutions and Manticore Technology Briefing Document, "Marketing Automation ISN'T Easy (And Five Other Truths BtoB Marketers Must Accept to Be Successful with Marketing Automation)."

On-demand Webinar: Six Truths About Marketing Automation (and How to Face Them).
For much more on addressing your marketing automation challenges head-on, view the on-demand Webinar now.

Amy Bills  
Behind the Scenes
Social Media

Using Twitter to Drive Webinar Registration, or Why One Marketing Manager is No Longer a "Twitter Skeptic"
Social media experts advise caution in using Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other communities as direct promotional vehicles. But the Email Experience Council (eec) has recently proven Twitter can increase Webinar registration dramatically.
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By Amy Bills, Director of Field Marketing, Bulldog Solutions

Jim McKinley  
Bulldog Content Network
Search Marketing

Hit a Search Home Run: Major League Baseball and the Content Network
What do baseball and the Google content network have in common? More than you may think. Here are seven principles of developing a robust minor and major league system for the content network that will greatly improve your search marketing results.
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By Jim McKinley, Principal, 360Partners

Brian Kardon  
Bulldog Content Network
Marketing Evolution

Agile Marketing: Failing Fast and Not Failing the Same Way Twice
In this interview with Webtrends VP of Marketing Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, Brian Kardon of Eloqua discovers why for Webtrends, 2010 is all about operating within an iterative marketing model. And celebrity gossip.
> Read more
By Brian Kardon, CMO, Eloqua, interviewing Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, VP of Marketing, Webtrends; originally posted on Eloqua's It's All About Revenue blog.

Must-Read Industry Articles

How to Maintain Your Sanity While Optimizing Your Marketing
Before us lie too many marketing opportunities, too much data, and so many social networks, tools and conversations. It's time we all started resisting some of these.
By Stephanie Miller, ClickZ

Using Content to Build Trust in B2B Marketing
How many times do you need to hear something about a company before you believe that the information is true? According to the recent Edelman Trust Barometer report, three to five.
By Paul Dunay, in Buzz Report: Innovative Ideas for B2B Technology Marketers

Take Targeting Beyond Basic Reporting
Marketing has evolved dramatically, and what constituted "state-of-the-art" communication a few decades ago, and even a few years ago, has changed radically, particularly in the art of targeting.
By David Danziger, Senior Manager of Innovation at Acxiom Corp., in Chief Marketer

Marketing Watchdog Journal is a monthly newsletter from Bulldog Solutions, an online marketing agency that changes the way BtoB companies define demand-generation strategy, engage prospects and convert leads to customers. We welcome your feedback on this newsletter's content and design, and encourage you to share your ideas for topics you would like us to cover in future issues. Please send your comments or questions about Bulldog Solutions to Amy Bills, director of Field Marketing.

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