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Marketing Watchdog Journal
  September 2013, Issue 101

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Does Your Marketing Infrastructure
Need a Tune-Up?

Learn how to turn things around with Bulldog's new Infrastructure Packages.

A solid marketing infrastructure is comprised of a finely tuned marketing automation platform (MAP), data technology and reporting capabilities, all of which are critical to bringing in new leads, nurturing and converting them into satisfied and loyal customers. The best way to deliver these results is through automation and integration of marketing and sales programs. Not only does this include implementing MAP and CRM systems but integrating the two for complete visibility into an organization's customer base and business flow.

According to Gartner, Inc. CMOs are projected to spend more on information technology than CIOs by 2017. This isn't surprising considering how beneficial automation technology has proven to be for marketers. Furthermore, marketers should integrate their databases to ensure pristine quality. This process involves field standardization across the organization, maximization of record completeness and accuracy to support successful segmentation and coverage to guarantee the database reaches a fair portion of the organization's total addressable market. However, in order to follow through with these marketing necessities, organizations must fine tune their marketing infrastructure.

Bulldog Solutions understands this and its experts are armed and ready to help marketing organizations build a robust and efficient infrastructure. The following are customizable infrastructure packages guaranteed to help marketers give their infrastructure the boost it needs.

Implementing Marketing Automation?
Bulldog Activate guides marketers through the entire implementation process of a new marketing automation platform to ensure they get the most out of their technology. This package provides instruction on and delivers services for the following stages of the activation process:
  • Lead management process

  • Data discovery, analysis, cleaning and conversion

  • Platform configuration

  • On-site training

  • Post-implementation support
Switching Marketing Automation?
Bulldog Migrate advises marketers through the migration or consolidation of their automation platforms. This package not only helps identify the state and needs of one's automation system, but also helps design new frameworks to enhance its technology, processes, organization and reporting capabilities. But, Bulldog Migrate doesn't stop there. Beyond the initial scope, the package will also implement a new marketing automation platform and provide training and on-site support.

Dirty Data?
Bulldog CDQ shows marketers how to make smart decisions on managing their data and database. Dirty data costs businesses in the United States up to $600 billion a year, so today's marketers simply can't take the risk by not staying on top of their data management. Bulldog CDQ addresses the following data necessities:
  • Data discovery

  • Data analysis

  • Data conversion

  • Data cleaning

  • Data quality maintenance
Marketing Automation Not Performing?
Bulldog Boost demonstrates to marketers the promise of marketing automation's return on investment. The package helps BtoB organizations optimize their platforms by addressing lead management processes, data processes and best practices and platform configuration and implementation.

Need Better Metrics Reporting?
Bulldog Full Circle Reporting provides marketers with the tools they need to gain visibility of their customer base and business flow in order to impact revenue. This package addresses the prerequisites that must be met in order to ensure Full Circle CRM deployment and management; provides guidance on the implementation process; delivers report and dashboard development; and conducts training and support for implementation and quarterly advisory checks.

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