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  August 2011, Issue 90

Social Business Report
Featured ArticleNetprospex
The Top 50 Most Social Industries: Did Yours Make the List?
Excerpt from the 2011 NetProspex Social Business Report

Netprospex, which crowd-sources business contacts for BtoB lead generation, just released its "Social Business Report: A comprehensive report on the use of social media by business people across the U.S." In this fourth edition, the most comprehensive report to date, updates include more contacts analyzed (12 million!), more granular categories (58 job functions and 300 industries), a Twitter-focused analysis, and an updated methodology (see below for more about the methodology).

The report covers categories such as "20 Most Social Jobs," "100 Most Social Companies," "50 Most Social Cities," and much, much more. Here we've excerpted the category, "50 Most Social Industries". See how your industry scores, and if you want to know more, you can download the full report here.

Want to read the whole thing?

This article is an excerpt from the comprehensive Netprospex Social Business Report. You can download the full report here.

NetProspex helps B2B companies find and connect with new customers. We maintain a database of business professionals with verified contact information including email address and phone numbers for B2B lead generation. Records include social media profiles.

Our team analyzed these contacts to provide a snapshot of social media activity among employees of the nation’s largest corporations. We’ve released three previous editions of the report, as businesses work to understand the impact of networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

The reports earned coverage in hundreds of media outlets, and has been used as reference material in business and educational presentations, studies, and reports.

Today, in the summer of 2011, we’ve released our most comprehensive report to date, with more research, more data, and more insights, all to show the widespread adoption of social media by businesspeople across the nation.

NetProspex Social Industries Report
Click the infographic to see the top 50 most social
industries in the U.S.


The NetProspex Social Index was used to score and rank social network activity across the top social networks including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

The data was mined from NetProspex's expansive database of crowd-sourced business contact information. The NPSI score is determined by the following:
  1. Social presence: The number of employees registered with social media profiles across Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook using a corporate email address.

  2. Social connectedness: The number of connections across social networks.
50 Most Social Industries

Which industries have the most social employees?

RankIndustry NPSI
1.Computer Technology99
2.Human Resources & Staffing84
3.(tie) Telecommunication Equipment 79
3.(tie) Computer Network Security79
5.Computer Storage Equipment76
6.Search Engines & Internet Portals75
7.Packaged Software74
8.Advertising & Marketing66
9.Venture Capital & Private Equity64
10.Management Consulting63
11.Toys & Games61
12.Custom Software & Consulting58
13.(tie) Personal Computers & Peripherals57
13.(tie) Credit Card Processing57
15.Weight & Health Management 56
16.(tie) Television Stations 55
16.(tie) Cable & Satellite 55
18.(tie) Information & Document Management 54
18.(tie) Semiconductor & Equipment 54
20.Multimedia & Graphic Design53
21.(tie) Internet Service Providers & Related52
21.(tie) Information Collection & Delivery52
23.Call Centers & Business Centers49
24.Consumer Electronics & Computers 48
25.Film/Video Production & Services 47
26.Cleaning Products44
27.(tie) Consumer Electronics43
27.(tie) Telephony & Wireless43
29.(tie) Biotechnology40
29.(tie) Pharmaceuticals40
31.Translation & Linguistic Services38
32.(tie) Newspapers & News Services 37
32.(tie) Office Products37
34.Travel Services & Agencies34
35.Apparel & Accessories33
36.(tie) Accounting & Accounting Services 31
36.(tie) Publishing31
36.(tie) Medical Devices & Equipment31
39.(tie) Airlines, Airports & Air Services 30
39.(tie) Gambling & Gaming30
39.(tie) Sporting Goods30
42.(tie) Textiles & Apparel29
42.(tie) Lodging & Resorts29
44.Investment Banking28
45.(tie) Training27
45.(tie) Photography Studios27
47.Amusement Parks & Attractions 26
48.(tie) Radio Stations25
48.(tie) Security Products & Services25
48.(tie) Medical Testing & Clinical Laboratories25
51. Rental - Video & DVD24
52.Photographic & Optical Equipment23

Social Industry Analysis

Most Social Industry: Computer Technology

As computer technology infiltrates daily business life, its members are signing on to social networks in droves. The Computer Technology industry dominates in this category, proving to be the most social industry by far. Multiple categories of computing technology scored a high NPSI, including telecommunication equipment (79 NPSI), computer network security (79), computer storage equipment (76), search engines and internet portals (75) and packaged software (74).

Least Social Industries

Organizations working for Cities, Towns, & Municipalities have the least socially connected employees. Rounding out the 10 least social industries are Motor Vehicle Dealers, Automotive Service & Collision Repair, Hospitals & Clinics, Lumber & Wood Production, Veterinary Care, Automobile Parts Stores, Mining, Emergency Medical Transportation Services, and Libraries.

Most Tweet-Worthy Industry: Media

The Media industry is the leading field for Twitter-savvy employees. Among the top 10 industries are: Television stations, newspapers and news services, search engines & internet portals, multimedia and graphic design, publishing, advertising and marketing.

Having Fun Just Went Social!

Who knew Social Media could be so fun! Toys & Games landed just out of the top 10 most social industries in 11th place on the NetProspex Social Index.

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Excerpt from the 2011 NetProspex Social Business Report.

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