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Marketing Watchdog Journal
  June 2010, Issue 76

Christopher Doran
Manticore Technology Demand-Generation Best Practices
The Truth About Marketing Automation: A Q&A
Q&A from a live Webinar, Six Truths About Marketing Automation (and How to Face Them), originally presented May 11, 2010.

In this Q&A from the recent Webinar, "Six Truths About Marketing Automation (and How to Face Them)," Manticore Technology VP of Marketing Christopher Doran and Bulldog Solutions Director of Field Marketing Amy Bills answer your very thoughtful questions about all aspects of justifying, choosing and implementing a marketing automation platform that will garner impressive returns. Below are four installments of the Q&A, published on the Bulldog Solutions blog and Manticore Technology's Funnel Focus blog.

Making the Case for Taking the Plunge with Marketing Automation

Need support making the case for marketing automation in your organization? In this first installment of the Q&A, Christopher Doran of Manticore Technology offers practical advice and actual numbers for how to justify investing in a marketing automation platform. He also offers several case studies that discuss the selection process, the deployment process and then the metrics that determined the success of the implementation for other companies. Read about it here.


Six Truths About Marketing Automation (and How to Face Them)

The appeal of marketing automation is hard to resist, yet the reality of getting from point A to point B isn't easy. This Webinar reviews six "truths" about marketing automation and how to address them head-on. Bonus: You will also receive a complimentary briefing document when you register.

View at your convenience.

Finding and Implementing the Right Marketing Automation Platform

Choosing the right marketing automation platform is not about sending e-mails and building landing pages. It's about choosing the one that best meets your business process. Also, you know you need a marketing automation system if you can answer "yes" to any of these pain points. Read the second installment of the Q&A for these insights about choosing a platform that meets your business needs and your budget.

Laying the Process Groundwork for Successful Marketing Automation Implementation

Is it better/more efficient to look at prospects within an organization as individuals or as a group in terms of communicating with them? Also, when the climate for revenue generation is more difficult than ever, why would it ever make sense to start small in terms of marketing automation? Amy Bills and Christopher Doran tackle these questions and more in the third installment of the Q&A.

CRM, Search and Content Concerns for Marketing Automation Implementation

Should Inside Sales be working within a CRM system or inside a marketing automation system? Where do you get great content to leverage your marketing automation system? Check out the answers to these questions and more (and—bonus!—some other fantastic resources and white papers) in the fourth installment of the Q&A.

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